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  • Holding a Bachelor of music from the Higher Institute Of Music Damascus 2008.

  • Solo singer with the composer “Ziad Rahbani”: Started in 2007 until recently, participated in many summer festivals in 2013 and 2014, inside and outside Lebanon. Later in 2010 and 2011, participated at the end of mono Drama Festival of Theatre in Fujairah, and the Jazz Festival in Cairo, and many concerts in Abu Dhabi. Back to 2008 in Damascus with many concerts hosted by the Syrian Ministry of Culture (Damascus the Capital of Arab Culture in 2008) and (Miniha concerts in 2009).

  • Holding a prize for the best integrated work in (Qetharat Alrooh 'Guitar Spirit Festival') Damascus 2002.

  • Released an album of spiritual hymns (Byzantine hymns) 2009

  • Sang with many artists such as: Wadih el Safi, Marcel Khalifa, Ghazwan Zrcelli,

    and Abed Azarieh.

  • Presented concerts in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Qatar, Morocco, Armenia, France, Russia, Australia, and Switzerland. 



Jazz du monde              Oct 2020        Auditorium Perrier, Annemasse

Fête de l’Olivier 2020    Sep 2020       Salle de l'Alhambra, Geneva

New year Eve:                Dec, 2018      Beyrouth, Liban

A'al Baal            :             Oct, 2018      Genève, Vernier

Beit Eddine art festival:  Jul, 2018      Lebanon

Fête de la Musique:        Jun, 2018      Parc de l'Observatoire, Geneva

Fête de l'Olivier:             Sep, 2017      Salle de l'Alhambra, Geneva

KALHAT Festival 2017:  Aug, 2017      University of Balamand Lebanon

Francophone Day:          Mar, 2017     Palais Des Nations, Geneva 

Fête de l’Olivier:              Sep, 2016     Palais De l'Alhambra, Geneva 

Concert of Saint Pier:     Jun, 2015     Saint Pier Cathedral, Geneva 

Fête de la musique:       Jun, 2015     Geneva

Layalina Festival:           Feb, 2015     Saint Gervais, Geneva 

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